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Individual, Relationship, & Family Therapy

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My name is Stephanie Gast (she/her). I provide therapy as an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist at a private group practice in Fullerton, CA called Gather & Grow OC.


My role is to create a non-judgmental space filled with empathy, understanding, & unconditional acceptance. Using my laid-back and gentle-humored nature, I create a space that feels comfortable for you to process & explore.


Therapy can be a vulnerable space asking you to be open-minded, honest, & self-aware. I strive to be just as transparent, honest, & authentic as I encourage you to be.

Stephanie G. Therapy

Values of Therapeutic Practice


Providing a space that offers safety, stability, & security. Focusing on emotional attunement & the significance of building trust.


Providing a space that encourages openness, emotionality & freedom. Inspiring the expansion of feelings, receptivity & creativity.


Providing a space that advocates for autonomy, agency, & personal responsibility. Emphasizing personal power, will, & accountability.


Providing a space that invites healing, compassion, & self-love. Encouraging self-acceptance & embracing the complexity of human emotions.


Providing a space that fosters authenticity, voicing truth & being listened to. Promoting the importance of honesty & communication with self & others.


Providing a space that assists with increasing awareness, intuition, & self-reflection. Seeing & affirming the power of inner wisdom.


Providing a space that cultivates knowedge, conciousness, & self-realizations. Discovering & connecting to higher life.

Stephanie G. Therapy
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